Sebastian Göttschkes | Freelance Developer, Consultant and Speaker

Technology Stack

I am working primarily with Python (flask) and Dart (WebUI, Polymer) these days. I have worked a lot with PHP (symfony, silex) as well as Javascript (jQuery, Backbone).

When it comes to databases, I have experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and redis.

On top of that, I am working with Vagrant and Ansible to make DevOps a reality.


I help multiple companies improve their software architecture and code quality. I am a frequent speaker on topics like software craftmanship and DevOps.


I have co-founded Pictureplix, a photobook design startup in Munich, Germany. I was involved in all the technological aspects of the software, from the frontend and the API all the way to server administration.

I later joined, a Vienna-based location based bargain hunting portal, as a project manager and product owner, helping the development team transition from waterfall to a more appropriate agile workflow.

These days, I am involved with blossom, an agile project management tool, where I lead the development effort, working in Python and Dart on top of Google App Engine.

Beside these, I have founded and organized ViennaPHP for 2+ years, helped writing the symfony documentation and worked on many side projects.



Currently, I am seeking interesting projects to join. Get in touch to discuss opportunities:!

You can also contact me on twitter, where I go by @Sgoettschkes.